Privacy Policy

Ahsan Maqsood

This page lays out the policy of Goleanbelly. The use of “us”, ”our” and “we” will be referred to as Goleanbelly team. We have worked out the Privacy Policy to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our website visitors while we may collect some of the generic data. 

We have taken all the necessary measures to ensure the integrity of our data and our users should be assured that we are fully compliant with our Privacy Policy Statement. There may be some changes in the Privacy Policy statement and our users will always be notified when there is any subsequent change. 

This policy is in effect from July 2019. It is the policy as followed by our company. We don’t endorse any other website we may link to in our articles. Our users should remain aware of other company policies before interacting with them.

Information Collection

When the users fill out the contact forms on our website, we receive their name and contact information. This information is only used to respond back to the queries we’ve received. We would only pass on the information to a third party when they explicitly give us a go-ahead. 

We don’t sell our database of users to the third party and only process some transactions when we are requested by our website visitors. We may follow up with our customers who were keen to know more about Lean Belly Breakthrough so we can clear up any confusion regarding the offerings. 


Cookies are essential to improve the user experience of our website. They help to optimize the load time of our webpages. Users are identified when they are revisiting our website and personalized user experience is provided. The information stored with the cookies is IP Addresses and Browser Information. 

Cookies are essential in fast navigation between the webpages and keep a record of user preferences. So, website performance is vastly improved with the use of cookies. Users will be notified about the cookies once they land on our website. 

Web Analytics Tools 

We have installed Web Analytics Tools like Google Analytics to formulate reports of our website traffic. Industry Standard analytic tools are used for helping us to know where we are doing good and which traffic sources are not useful. Generic information such as traffic source, user devices, web browser versions, location, and IP Addresses are collected of our website visitors.

Reports on user navigation, their average time spent on the website and some other useful generic reports are formulated. An individual cannot be identified with the type of information we collect and no such privacy breach is intended. Our webmasters come to know which traffic sources are performing well for our website and how the webpages are performing. This helps immensely in decision making to optimize the website and work towards a more useful website. 

Our team is committed to remaining compliant with our Privacy Policy Statement. Strong security measures are effectively in place to prevent any breach of data.